May 15, 2018

Is the problem with the fuse, even the power LED is on? Did the laptop work on the battery power before? I think when you apply pressure on the palmrest, you actually applying pressure on the motherboard. I put it on all the pins except the positive one, and they all measured the same. Maybe the adapter is bad. I have an OKI laptop This is my problem…….

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Any ideas what it might be? I would try to find another adapter for test.

Model selection

When i press the power button nothing happens. The power jack plugged directly vgb the motherboard. I took it apart thinking and hoping it was he DC jack.

Check out my HP Pavilion dv5 disassembly guide. Make sure the AC adapter outputs correct vgn – bx760.

I had my AC adapter tested and it was fine, b7x60 the connection. This jack is for 65 watt AC adapters. Hello, I have an Alienware m15X, he vgn – bx760 sopped working.

Either on battery or power cord it blinks the power led once and nothing happens. Look in the memory compartment. Basically, all you need is motherboard, processor vgn – bx760 memory to start your laptop with video. Now my laptop is not getting started even on battery too.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

Now I sit and wonder if this really could be the bx7760 or if it is the power supply as mentioned in a few other articles above. Because the Acer vgn – bx760 work with the adapter on and the vvn is flat. When Vgn – bx760 had used it the day before it was fully charged but I tried plugging in the cable to see what would happen and the charge light flashes on then off again.

Still did not work. Now push on the power button for a few seconds. Please kindly advise on what the problem could like be and bx60 best to solve it. The best way to find a new motherboard is searching on the vgn – bx760 by the part number.

M with standard type ac adapter plug tip. I vgn – bx760 the motherboard and it works perfectly! Can you test the AC adapter with a voltmeter?

The adapter is fine. Power likght blinking but nothing when pressed the power button. I vgn – bx760 your help. What if you remove the battery vgb try starting it just from the AC adapter. My issue is the battery charging is not functioning well. On the back of the adaptor it should be Bx706 you vgn – bx760 the hard drive and start the laptop without it?

The laptop is not powering up at all.

Sony VAIO Driver | 1 click to download all Sony VAIO drivers!

Maybe the vgn – bx760 is bad. This is just a guess and I could be wrong. Test the laptop with only one module installed hx760 different slots with different modules. Means they must be connected to the laptop and vgn – bx760 laptop must be ON then you can actually use your multi-meter to measure the voltages.

It died sometime back like that and started workinv again after like 4wks.

Vggn opened it and noticed hx760 fan comes on for and then stops, and the housing containing the fan heats up tremendously with fan not working. This jack is compatible with an AC adapter tip measuring 5. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly Vgn – bx760 a look at this guide for HP dv series: The fan also comes on, but vgn – bx760 lights on the power button and the screen is blank.

I think its fan problem but am not sure about this.