May 8, 2018

Bad connection between the keyboard and motherboard. After that you disassemble the laptop for further investigation. You can boot the laptop from Knoppix CD live Linux and test the keyboard in there. It is showing the following Message after the Toshiba Window. The following pictures were taken from a Toshiba Satellite A laptop. I needed to replace a vaio keyboard, and I am non techie. Only one key for each windows session but not a specific one.

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If I plug my vaio to an external monitor, it works fine. My daughter vaii the keyboard on her Toshiba Satellite A by dumping tea on it.

Removing and replacing keyboard | Laptop Repair

Thank you so much! Could you please send me instructions on how to remove the keyboard? How can I clean it off sony vaio vgn fe41e the cable fits properly and makes contact with all the pis?

After I took out the plastic cover, the keyboard was attached with 5 tiny screws.

Removing and replacing keyboard

Moti November 20, While removing the ribbon cable I broke the black piece which holds the ribbon cable, where can I sny one? First of all, you stop using the laptop right away. Thanks for any sony vaio vgn fe41e.

Is there some kind of tool for connecting ribbon cables in tight places? To those sony vaio vgn fe41e to figure them out, there are 2 tabs, at the corners of where the ribbon connector plugs in. MaryAnne April 22, I sony vaio vgn fe41e replaced the keyboard with a new one. Karen November 28, Raj August 25, I am now using a USB keyboard. I could not start the same and work with.

It could be either bad motherboard or faulty LCD sony vaio vgn fe41e. Hi I was taking apart a packard bell dot se netbook to clean it when i was re-assembling it the keyboard ribbon cable will not fully engage, the white line on the ribbon is not lining up with the motherboard connector i tried blowing out the connector with compressed air and cleaning the ribbon with isopropol but still no good im wondering if im doing it right the ribbon goes between the brown and white connectors and then you push down locking tabs on each side of the connector what do you think time for a new keyboard?

It has dried out and still works great but the keyboard does nothing. I broke the little plastic, keyboard-to-motherboard, lock-down connector on the Toshiba.

Justgran October 18, Is there any cable stripping tool that helps to cut the edges and make those edges again to insert into the motherboard slot.

This kind of failure is not common but possible.

Did you try reinstalling the sony vaio vgn fe41e system? There seems to be white mineralization on some pins in the connector. I am trying to remove the bezel in order to replace the inverter viao I cannot get the bottom of the bezel detached. They slide up towards the monitor, parallel to the surface you are working on NOT up toward you looking down at the computer from above.

I am facing the exact problem with Toshiba Portegethe keyboard cable just wont engage. THank you so very much for dony information!

ssony However I now have to remove the keyboard from a zoomstorm notebook freedom Can you offer any advice for someone in this situation? The keyboard bezel removal procedure is similar to the above mentioned Sony Vaio laptop. Gil January 31,