May 16, 2018

Source, then use the new Raw Input option and set your in-game sensitivity to a value less than one by using the console It should no green, no red. I’ve refreshed numerous times and played around with this and it doesn’t seem to make a difference anywhere I can see. Usually the pointer position is updated very close to the mouse input arriving, but sometimes there is a delay between the two. I try times and i dont have 1 to 1 for ever. This is the Cheese fix for 85Hz.

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Hey Mark, I’ve been using the mouse fix but came to a bit of a problem. I can’t thank you enough for your last reply, it really helped bring my head logitech m bj58 this concept. Try re-applying my fix reg file and see if it changes.

For Example if i use the mouserecorder and there is still a window open and i do circles with my mouse i got a few error movements What is the slope of a line going through 2,2, 4,4 and 6,6? I’m getting negative acceleration in cs, and positive acceleration in windows and logitech m bj58 even though mmr shows only black in windows enviroment.

If you use Windows 8. Marck i apied you mouse fix in my windows 64 bits and its ok. Source Games now support Raw Inputwhich should fix all negative acceleration. Thats logitech m bj58 what i wanted! MarkC fixes do not remove negative acceleration.

There is a difference between the fixes. Sometimes there is a delay logitech m bj58 the mouse movement and Windows updating the pointer position, bj588 when the system is busy.

But if it only creates 4 linear sections from which to calculate the speed of the mouse out of the 5 selected registry values, then yeah, not good enough and something tells me it does take the linear option. Just try it out. The key problem is that Windows doesn’t immediately move logitecn pointer when the mouse moves. Is it positive or negative accel you have? So I know that isn’t the logitech m bj58.

Hi erAd, My fix only has an effect when Enhanced pointer precision EPP is turned on; if you don’t have EPP turned on and your game doesn’t turn it on then my fix won’t be active and won’t be doing anything for you.

If windows smooths out the registry curve that is only 5 points, then I guess bjj58 could just use that and turn on Logitech m bj58 Pointer Precision. What is the slope j a line going through 1,1? More information from me: Sometimes MMR gets out of sync when trying to match mouse movement and pointer movement.

And I think that your fix is working, but it’s just this crappy laser sensor of g’s what is ruining my gaming experience. That curve would be: Force accel on and set the Windows accel threshholds to zero.

I’m guessing that the increased game “update rate” or “frame rate”, not to be confused with logitech m bj58 frame rate, is the cause. Look forward too hearing from you ; PS: When the system is busy, MouseMovementRecorder MMR can show some green or red, simply because it is too slow to logitech m bj58 up with the Windows pointer updates, OR more often that it is too fast and Windows is too slow updating the pointer.

It may still sometimes show green and red, but less often than at Hz I think. See this blog article: Even though the points on the curve are different, the slope they define is the same.

While running a game, you may see many red and green lines. I’m trying to get it to “play nice” on Win If mouse acceleration really is off as in wcafix offthe mouse will hit the obstacle as the cursor hits the left edge of the screen. Just as some games turn it on when you don’t want them to, we can turn it on manually to test that the fix is working properly.

Try any of the fixes at the end of my original post above: Hi Mark, I’ve been reading about your fix for Win7 in several forums, logitech m bj58 I don’t seem to find any comments regarding the fix being overriden in newer games like Dead Space 2, and Crysis 2. If I logitech m bj58 off EPP, the joystick lacks precision when making fine adjustments and feels as though it’s slushy. Microsoft have a December Windows Update Rollup that includes a fix for those games, logitech m bj58 will be automatically installed when you have Windows Update set to install updates automatically.

Windows Mouse Things: The MarkC Windows 10 + + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix

I should explain what 1: Any and all help will be appreciated: Thanks for your answer. Posted by Mark Cranness. Investigations into Windows mouse behaviour. How do you know the fix is working? I’ve tried many combinations but I just can’t seem to get rid of the bj558. Does my game need a logitech m bj58 fix? I unfortunately I am a terrible noob programmer so I’d have no idea where to start. I think that speed matches the logitech m bj58 game speed and I’m hoping it can negate any acceleration.

If you undo my fix apply WindowsDefault. If you turned EPP on yourself, then that doesn’t count: If your current mouse is not dpi you will have to adjust Control Panel pointer speed slider, OR in-game sensitivity, OR mouse driver sensitivity.

I am trying to Install moudrv, but my windows 7 64bit lgoitech allow me to because the driver is not signed. Hey Mark, me again! Its not all the time, just sometimes. Marck i have a problem in windows 7 logitech m bj58.