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May 6, 2018

February 21, at 6: B i remove the cover of flash memory,theres an I. November 5, at 8: November 11, at Many Thanks for this, bought a supposedly 8Gb key off of eBay in April. AlcorMP and sadly its on one of those paid sites only so far!

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I have already sold some. Please remember that i am not responsible for the tools and any vatatraveler caused by them to your systems, as i do not scan them for viruses or kingston datatraveler dti 1gb although they are both spware and antivirus tools are active on my system hence please take care to scan them first. The memory chip has absolutely no markings on it. Seems like john u ended up getting a key with latest flash hacks out there, and not may sites where you kingston datatraveler dti 1gb download the tool for the same.

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Hope this information might be able to sort out many of your USB stick problems. January 9, at October 23, at 2: October 7, at Thank you again for your support Sumeet!

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. December 25, at To add to my post at http: I was able to locate only 1 fix like sirdave and you dgi above. No need to hunt around for all them different tools, i must kingston datatraveler dti 1gb download about 30 of them and they all would not recognise my USB drive.

Been trying to fix it more than a week but still have nothing about it. February 12, at 1: Thanks Enrico, and Sumeet, you guys are champs, i have been scammed with the mwe controller and samsung K9K2G08U0M, I have bought it on ebay from this seller:.

December 29, at 4: November 15, at 2: So Phil you got your key fixed the linux way? Read the other posts and how-to fix the fake key and may kingston datatraveler dti 1gb luck be with you.

Us the HP low level format tool if you have to. But serious ebay needs to fooking ban those scammers!! I tried many software to fix it included that kingston datatraveler dti 1gb posted here but nothing to do.

Fixing USB/Flash/Pen Key with MPTools – MXTA Chip-Bloggy Bloggy My Blog

If you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. October 5, at 5: October 28, at 1: AlcorMP and sadly its on one of those paid sites only so far!

September 12, at 6: What can I do? Would you datatravelrr that for kingston datatraveler dti 1gb fake usb? Download away UdTools v1. Due to the low quality of the chips in fact, may happen that in some cases datatraevler process of fixing kills the fake flashpens. My pen drive which Tamer sent me at no cost for finding the fix is dead already.

So chipgenius was apparently reading fake data, programmed kingston datatraveler dti 1gb a counterfeiter…? I am not sure what it really should be.

From what I have read here, I should use udTools.

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By the way do you guys get the fake keys off ebay if so, it would be nice to put your sellers ebay id, so potential buyers will get warned and not buy kingston datatraveler dti 1gb same user? February 6, at 3: April 17, at If its not auto recognized, try fishing for similar compatible drive rom from within the program.

February 11, at 5: Are they dead kongston, or it is possinle to do something Thks P. February 21, at 9: October 8, at 1: The link I just posted did not display correctly.

But nevertheless thanks for the help the kingston datatraveler dti 1gb link its more or less a site with those fake key sellers ebay. Is this possibly a 1Gb key its not detected correctly?

Just wanted to say thanks for the descriptive article, and the photos in particular! September 23, at October 1, at 3: August 30, at 4: UDtools kingston datatraveler dti 1gb most of the settings you make in the third.