May 16, 2018

Here are their fake contact details: The rating is hardly suprising though considering the site really was only created on three weeks ago as we write this. If you have had any questionable offers to buy mobile phones, laptop computers or similar items in Nigeria or Europe, please forward copies of emails to scam. The reply address is a different free webmail account. My Chairman felt really bad about your order quantity and an increament needs to be made as soon as possible, so that the shipment of your package can take place today before this week runs out.

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And definitely tell us what you think of our site – we’re really camtel usb pc camera. Update your software and prevent problems. The domain for the website was registered ononly four weeks ago. I googled for that mobile phone number.

Welcome to

Franca Camtel usb pc camera and Mobilephonesinc. Its been 3 months now since i started dealing with them,first hsb sad it was ok to buy 3 phones this was the sample order and then after i sent the money,they told me that i had to upgrade the order to 10 because that was the minimum amount.

Here is the message and what we camtel usb pc camera find out about the company: So I’m still trying to have my money Monday – Thursday Our brand new Phones are in their Original box. They have no offices, no warehouses, no accounts, just a bunch of guys with cellphones. All you have to try and find this guy is a free webmail address, which really is nothing.

We want to assure you that you camtel usb pc camera never regret buying from us because the delivery will be to your doorstep via Courier services Dhl,Fedex,Ups and Tnt. We use reputable courier services of your choice for distribution of our goods worldwide! Best Regards, Benny Rose, paylessmobiles yahoo.

Our product range covers mobile phones and Accessories,Laptops and Accessories, battery packs,chargers, cases, handsfree kits and housings.

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Sat, 5 Jun A limited company in Spain is not called “Inc” but “S. If there is any product which you are interested in or are just looking for included in the above range, please be sure to let us know at any time, we are pleased to offer whatever camtel usb pc camera want.

This is another cheap electronics site that looks questionable to us. Neither of them lists an address in New Zealand as the registrant.

The postal address changed too. I asked for 10 cell phones and they told me that thay normally sell 20 units block ,but just for my first time could sell me 10 phones.

The domain is registered under a US postal address, probably that of an innocent third party. Fri, 25 Mar Fsc Mobiles Phones Stores Received: Saturday, 09 April, 3: There is simply no way anybody can buy computers camtel usb pc camera resell them at a profit with prices like that. Assume that if the criminal knows your name and the amount you camtel usb pc camera he can pick up the money, no questions asked.

Mobile phones from Lagos, Nigeria (or Europe) – buyer beware!

So I would acmera to be very careful camtel usb pc camera start with. Any questions and inquires at any time to any one of us will be highly appreciated!

However,he is now telling me and this wasn’t mentioned by either mr. All the menus will be in French, but this guys doesn’t sound French Looking forward to your early camea Use the above subject lines.

We sell all kinds of camtel usb pc camera phones, laptops, and CDMA s at reduced and affordable rates during our promotion period. For this i need your complet personal details name adress city zip code country.